The teaching of a another language enhances greater tolerance, understanding and appreciation of those from different cultural backgrounds.

Japanese is the second language taught at 545.

Japanese classes are provided to grades 1-6 by a Specialist Teacher and an Assistant Teacher of Japanese (A.T.J.) who works to support the Japanese Program and lives within the school community. In addition to studying the language students also take part in Taiko Drumming and Asian Studies.

Japanese is introduced during the year by prep class teachers. Children develop language and intercultural skills relating to Japan, while developing a broader understanding of Asia through the inclusion of Asian perspectives across the curriculum.

In the Junior School the focus is on developing oral language skills in Japanese.

In the Middle School children learn the Japanese hiragana script, as they develop basic reading and writing skills, as well as participating in our biennial Japanese bilingual musical.

In the Senior School students use their developing language skills in meaningful ways through the use of ICT and by making connections outside the classroom.

Children’s developing Japanese language and intercultural skills support their learning of their first language, as well as the development of thinking skills.