the arts

Our Arts shows highlight the school’s musical, dramatic and visual arts programs.   

visual arts

A Visual Arts Program is currently provided to all classes by a specialist teacher.

Each year grade 1 - 6 classes are programmed to attend a specialist art and craft session in the art room for two terms. Prep classes attend art lessons all year around.

This program provides the children with opportunities to creatively express themselves through a variety of media and experiences in:

  • Painting & Drawing

  • Threads & Textiles

  • Construction

  • Modelling

  • Printing

PLEASE NOTE: All children are expected to wear a suitable (preferably waterproof) art smock to protect clothing when participating in art sessions.



performing arts

Music Classes

All classes participate in a music program provided by a specialist teacher. Grade 1-6 students are provided with specialist weekly music classes, for two terms using a variety of resources, equipment and instruments. Prep classes attend music lessons all year round.

The music program involves exposure to elements of music through activities that include:

  • Movement

  • Singing

  • Listening

  • Playing

  • Creating

  • Responding



Music Tuition

Private weekly music tuition is also available at the school covering a range of instruments, many of which can be hired from the school.

School Choirs and Bands

Membership of the school choirs or bands is voluntary, however students are expected that after an initial trial period at the start of the year, to make a commitment to the group. Senior Gr 5-6 and Middle 3-4 Choirs participate in Eisteddfods, school performances and special events.

A Celebration of the Arts

Arts shows that highlight the school’s musical, dramatic and visual arts programs are held each year.