school camps

The school provides a camps program from Year 3 onwards.

The aims of the Camps program are to:

  • Provide sequential opportunities for students to experience activities in a range of outdoor settings that will encourage them to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle

  • Provide outdoor opportunities that encourage independence and social interaction

  • To reinforce and extend classroom learning

  • To further develop social skills such as co-operation, tolerance, communication, individual and group interaction

  • To extend students understanding of their physical and cultural environment

  • To further develop students problem solving skills

  • To provide a program that promotes self-esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership and judgement



The camps program is comprised of:


Years 3 and 4 attend Camp Rumbug (2 nights) each year (alternating programs each year)

Grades 5 and 6 attend Sovereign Hill and Melbourne (2 nights) (alternating years).

*Senior school students all attend the same camp each year, so these venues alternate each year.