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school council

Having parents active in our school helps to foster a strong community spirit.

Our School Council is the governing body of the school and operates in accordance with the various School Councils Acts. Responsibilities of the school council include:

  • Policy and Curriculum

  • Finance and Budget

  • Buildings and Environment

  • Fundraising

There are sub-committees of the council to deal with the above areas, as well as for special events, such as the annual Garden Party.

school council structure

The structure of the '545' School Council consists of:

  • eight parents

  • four teachers

  • the Principal as the ex-officio voting member

  • up to two co-opted members (one being from Parents' Club)


Current School Council Office Bearers are:

Vice President

Council elections are held in March each year for elected members - half retiring each year. All eligible councillors may stand for re-election. The School Council also has the power to co opt members from time to time to assist with specific tasks.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. Sub-committees meet regularly prior to council meetings.