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Our school policies are currently under review.  Should you wish to obtain a view any of the policies below, please email the school and a copy will be provided to you.

Anaphylaxis Policy
Anti Bullying Policy
Arts Policy
Arts Policy
English Policy
Facebook Code of conduct
First Aid Policy
Head Lice Policy
Health & PE Policy
Homework Policy
Humanities Policy
ICT Policy
Language Policy
Maths Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Parent Complaints Policy
Privacy Policy
Science Policy
Spelling Policy
Sponsorship Policy
Sunsmart Policy
Sustainability Policy
Uniform Policy
Visitors Policy
Volunteers Policy

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Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safety Policy

det schools' privacy policy

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has developed a new Schools' Privacy Policy for all Victorian government schools. Parents are able to view this policy and related documents using the link below:

DET Schools' Privacy Policy

Information for Parents

school procedures a - z


Children absent from school are required to bring a note of explanation upon return to school (unless you have personally notified us earlier). It is not necessary to ring the school in case of illness, a note will suffice.


Medical details and necessary telephone numbers are on file in the office. All efforts are made to cope with accident or illness and we will contact you if necessary. For this reason, it is vital that all changes of address, work and home telephone numbers, emergency contacts, etc are kept up to date on our school records. Please notify the office and grade teacher of any changes immediately.

Infectious Diseases

Parents frequently ring seeking information on how long children must stay away from school when suffering from certain diseases.

This information can be found on the on the School Exclusion Table by clicking here. This information is maintained by the Department of Human Services.
If your child is unwell please keep them at home to ensure the health of other children in the school.

Medication at School

On occasions, students are required to be administered medication at school. Teachers will often undertake this task on behalf of parents in accordance with the Sale Primary School Medication and First Aid Policy. Please see the Parent Handbook for full details.


Money at School

All money sent to school must be placed and sealed in an envelope on which is written the child's name, grade, teacher and what the money is for eg. excursion, book club, etc.
A note will be sent home advising if any money is required at school.