Sale Primary School believes it has a responsibility to be a leader in the community in sustainable living through practice and education of the school community.

We value the environment and are conscious of the ecological footprint we leave.

A group of committed Senior School children are selected each year to form the “Garden Guerrillas” sustainability leadership group. They promote sustainable living both within and outside the school. We now have a school vegetable garden and plan to expand this in the future.

Our major focus so far has been on waste minimization through practices such as recycling paper, using worm farms and encouraging the school community to have rubbish free lunches.


Rubbish Free Lunches

Children are encouraged to bring their food in containers which can be reused, rather than packaged food or food wrapped in cling wrap. If children must bring packaged or wrapped food, the rubbish should be taken home in accordance with the ‘carry-in, carry-out’ waste minimization practice.

Please download a copy of our Sustainability Policy here.