Sale Primary School believes it has a responsibility to be a leader in the community in sustainable living through practice and education of the school community.

We participate in the ResourceSmart program, which is a Sustainability Victoria initiative for schools, centring on five modules: core, waste, water, biodiversity and energy.
A group of committed Senior School children are selected each year to form the “Garden Guerrillas” sustainability leadership group. We also have a Green Team comprising representatives from each F-4 classroom. They promote sustainable living both within and outside the school. A major focus is on composting our organic waste, using this on our gardens, growing vegetables and then learning to cook delicious, healthy food.

A Success Story

Waste is a growing environmental problem around the world. Increasing consumerism, and in particular, our addiction to single-use plastics and the growth of E-waste are major challenges facing us all. Behavioural change is needed for people to decrease their use valuable resources and for "waste" to be viewed as a valuable potential "resource" .

At 545 we have been working for a number of years to develop a sense of responsibility and desire to care for the planet among our school community. On-going effort and changes to practices have seen significant improvements. These include:
• Recycling bins (for paper products) in classrooms and work spaces
• Compost bins in classrooms and the staffroom which are then emptied into our 3 bin compost system
• Eating time for students before recess and lunch playtimes to allow students to eat inside
. This stops littering outside and encourages students to take wrappers, etc, home
• A decrease in the volume of rubbish being sent to landfill
• Professional Learning for teachers
• Learning through the curriculum for students, such as the Foundation "Rubbish Rangers" unit

In 2017we had our first Sustainability Day which was part of Science Week. It was a great success. Students participated in four activities. They:
• Wrote letters to the Victorian Premier asking for plastic bags to be banned
• Participated in a rubbish sorting activity
• Watched and discussed "War on Waste"
• Enjoyed an environmental art activity where they collected leaves, bark etc from the park and then created artworks from this

A rubbish=free community lunch was the highlight. Many families brought delicious picnic lunches in to share and without any rubbish, the lunches tended to be less processed, home made, delicious and healthier!

The day finished with a rubbish audit, which saw students measuring their classroom waste and then our Green Team and Garden Guerrillas helped collect and measure all of the other rubbish in the school.

In 2018 we held another successful Sustainability Day and we envisage this becoming a regular part of the school calendar.


Please download a copy of our Sustainability Policy here.