student welfare programs

We believe that students learn best when they feel safe, are happy, and feel valued as people.

We deliver a number of programs that are targeted at ensuring our students’ needs are met in this important area of student welfare:

Peer Support - Buddies Program

Each year, senior school students are ‘buddied’ with a prep student who they work with all year on a range of activities, such as sport, art, craft, technology. These activities are aimed at developing a positive relationship between the paired students. Having a senior buddy assists preps in settling into school and establishes a positive connection between our younger and older students.

Seasons for Growth

A Grief and Loss program conducted by specially trained teachers to assist referred students in dealing with major change in their lives. 

Sequential Social Skills program taught at all grade levels

Specific social skills are taught at different levels of the school so that students know how to successfully interact and cooperate with their peers, and the adults with whom they come into contact.

Positive Rewards

All classrooms operate on rewards systems that encourage students to act responsibly. These usually involve the class choosing a reward if they meet a certain class target eg. marbles in the jar, points, or stickers on a chart etc.

Anti Bullying Policy

The school has a zero tolerance to bullying, and acts promptly when staff witness any bullying issues, or when they are drawn to the attention of staff.

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Our School Values encapsulate what we at ‘545’ want to instil in all of our students. Staff throughout the school refer to these values while teaching and expect students to reflect and make the ‘right’ decisions when it comes to their learning and behaviour.


student management program

Our traffic light colour coded system is part of our student management program in all classrooms, during specialist sessions and out in the yard.

GREEN = Acceptable Behaviours = Positives & Rewards

ORANGE = Corrective Behaviours = Student choice to reflect on behaviour

RED = Unacceptable Behaviours = Serious Consequences

Within learning teams across the school, teachers have established a set of expected behaviours for each colour, as well as strategies for moving students to green behaviours.

These behaviours have been explained in detail with our students and have been colour coded for ease of understanding.


Our School Rules

There are five basic rules for behaviour in work and play:

  • Care for school buildings, equipment and the environment; dispose of litter and care for other people’s property.

  • Play sensibly and safely.

  • Speak and act politely and respect other people.

  • Remain within boundaries and use playground areas according to directions.

  • Follow instructions.